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Becky is passionate about fearlessly empowering others to go after the dreams that have been hiding in the shadows far too long. Through her encouraging and powerful coaching approach, she helps clients realize their potential, uncover their passions and enact change in their lives.  Knowing the value of coaching first hand, Becky knows how important it is to have someone in your life that will ask the hard questions no one else will ask, see the potential in you and believe you can achieve anything you desire. With a moto of “Be Bold, Be Powerful, Be Fearless, Be You”, she helps clients break past their limiting beliefs and fears to create the future they have always desired.

"Seven out of ten people in the world are unhappy with where they are at in life. Whether it be your job, family, relationships - the majority of us are feeling there has got to be something more. I know, because I have been there. I have felt like life was passing me by. I spent more time daydreaming than living the life of my dreams. I have spent more time feeling like I was chained, trapped, and stuck than running free to achieve what I really wanted. Listen- your not alone and you have the power to change everything! A year from now you're going to wish you started today. How much longer are you willing to wait to begin living? Contact me today!" 

- Becky Brown, CEO Haven Coaching and Consulting

Encouraging. Fearless. Impactful. Action. 


Described by clients as encouraging, fearless, impactful and action oriented, Becky creates a coaching environment where clients are able to challenge themselves to think, act and believe differently.

You have the power to regain control of your future. Through coaching, I ask my clients the hard questions, I challenge their way of thinking to help empower them to move forward and I help provide accountability through your action plans. At the core of my coaching are five main areas. 

  1. Identify your goals

  2. Understand what has been holding you back

  3. See how making these changes will impact your life

  4. Identify and take down the GAILS (gremlins, assumptions, interpretations, limiting beliefs) that have been impacting your life

  5. Develop an action oriented plan than will help you drive for results


One on One, Group Coaching and Workshops


Becky helps clients regain power over their careers by helping them align with their values, identify their future career steps, move past limiting beliefs to take action towards their futures today.

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Ready to take that next step in your career into leadership? Or maybe you are a first time manager looking to create your leadership style? Through the work of coaching and feedback assessments, Becky can help you identify the type of leader you want to be.

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Do you ever feel like there is something more? Or that you are being called to a different path but just don't know how to get started? Becky can help partner with you to identify what you are feeling called towards and empower you to create a plan of action today.

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“I have been beyond blessed to be able to work with Becky over the last 3 ½ years. In that time, she has helped me see things in myself that I never knew I had, helped me to see things from different perspectives and has helped me own and drive my career in a way I never thought I could. She empowers me, asks me questions that make me think differently and she believes in me.  She helped me to remove the self-doubt and reassured me that everything I was going through was all part of growing as a leader.  Her way of speaking calmly, confidently and reassuringly made it so easy to speak to her about anything!  She has a way of making you feel like you are the only person she is working with and has a way of making you feel strongly and confident about your decisions helping you move forward without fear.  I have grown exponentially because of her direction, time, and empowerment to be able to do anything I set my mind to.  Her coaching has been invaluable in my career and I am so grateful to be able to work with her.”


—  Vanessa A., Market Manager Talent Acquisition

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