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Becky Brown 

CEO, Haven Coaching and Consulting

Becky Brown is a believer, mother, and successful executive who believes you hold the key to your own success. With a strong background in Human Resources, she has worked with small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, and education systems to orchestrate strategic, impactful change in their business. Whether it is creating whole talent management systems, leading enterprise-wide change, creating cutting-edge business strategies, coaching high potentials, or growing/developing all employees she brings innovation and creativity to the workplace.

As an ICF certified professional coach, Becky uses the iPec Core Energy Model to coach her clients towards creating strategic change in their life. At the core of her coaching, she believes every person has the knowledge and ability to achieve anything in life. The key to their success is breaking past their limiting beliefs, realizing their value, and driving themselves towards action. She is passionate about helping clients move past the fear of the unknown and start moving towards their futures.

Having started consulting work in college, Becky has worked to break the mold throughout her career and has successfully gone against the norm to rise into the higher ranks of organizations very early on. Having experienced so much success in her career, she was still left thinking, "there has got to be something more". Feeling the pressure to choose between being the type of mom she envisioned herself being or a successful businesswoman, she decided there needed to be a change. Haven Coaching and Consulting was created to help organizations drive innovation throughout the workplace and help people break free from their fears to achieve the life they have been waiting for. Becky is a Christian and mother who enjoys bringing her values of faith, family, and empowerment into her work with clients.  

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